Max Leonhard

Born in 1955, he became involved with art, literature and philosophy at a very early age, received an artistic education, then studied medicine to get to the bottom of the human being’s essence, and became an artist.

In 1985, beset by acute financial worries, Leonhard looks for a bread-and-butter job.

He applies for a job in heart surgery. After only 3 years, he was offered the position of first senior physician at the University Hospital in Ulm, which he could not refuse.

At the same time, he pursues his career as an artist.

1994: After a successful exhibition in New York, he finally ends his part-time job, retreats with his family to the idyll of the Salzkammergut.

In 2014 he writes his first novel, “Bielers Dilemma, which is published in March 2017.

Max Leonhard lives and works in Strobl am Wolfgangsee, is happily married and has 2 children, Joshua and Arabella.