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Weather-resistant and robust

the secret behind it

Weatherproof silicone paintings are absolutely unique. Developed by Max Leonhard in 1990, they show their full potential after over 30 years of experience. They prove to be absolutely resistant to frost and heat up to 200 degrees, are UV stable even under high loads, permanently elastic even after many years and mechanically robust.

The carrier material consists of a composite material consisting of silicone-soaked linen, 2 layers of high-polymer silicone and bronze powder.

The frame is formed by a welded aluminum support.

This makes possible something that has always been a real problem: hanging paintings in the garden or terrace without a protective roof over them in a climate zone that produces major changes due to weather.

Ein Gemälde zugeschneit im Winter. Die Outdoorgemälde aus Silikon sind witterungsbeständig.

Die Wiederstandsfestigkeit der Silikongemäde wurde auf vielfältige weise getestet.


In a long series of experiments, paintings were tested under extreme conditions.

Conclusion: Silicone paintings withstand large temperature fluctuations, fire for a few minutes, permanent moisture, dryness, cold up to 40 degrees, UV radiation and mechanical stress of a flat, non-pointed nature.

Thanks to a special silicone formula, the outdoor paintings are guaranteed to withstand any weather, even in extreme climate zones.

For example, 2 outdoor paintings have been hanging in Mumbai – India since 2004 and easily withstand the high UV exposure and monsoon rain.

Dirt on the surface that can occur outdoors can be removed by simply cleaning it with a root brush and dishwashing liquid or high-pressure cleaner.

There is no limit to the size of the paintings when commissioned.


Each indoor painting is to be understood as a template for an outdoor painting and each painting is unique.