Max Leonhard

Max Leonhard was born in Bolzano, Italy, in 1955 as the son of a middle-class family. He received artistic training at the art school of the South Tyrolean Artists’ Association. Further studies lead him to Göttingen, Lower Saxony, where he mainly completes his technical skills in color composition with individual pigments under Prof. Müller.

Despite the artistic career he has taken, Leonhard studies medicine at the University of Innsbruck on the advice of his parents and, after successfully completing his studies, following his inclinations, settles down as a freelance artist. However, there was no immediate artistic success and Leonhard had to accept a job in medicine with a heavy heart after a little over a year because of money worries in order to earn the necessary basis for his artistic career. Numerous exhibitions of his works in Germany, Italy, Austria and France bring Leonhard closer to his goal of being able to make a living from art.

In 1994, after an exhibition of his pictures in New York, he finally left his bread and butter and bought a property in Strobl on Lake Wolfgang, which he converted into a larger art studio and where he has been spending most of the year as a painter and sculptor ever since. His pictures, but especially his exterior paintings made of weatherproof silicone, are considered an insider tip by art collectors and can therefore now be found on all continents.