Prof. Dr. Karl Müller, Faculty of Modern German Literature, University of Salzburg

In summary, and without really going into detail: Remarkable achievement! In keywords: always reads clearly, I don’t bump into any formulations, which rarely happens; plot very thoughtfully set; tension remains upright; genre: between psychological study, conventional detective novel, philosophical passages on law and justice, judicial system, anthrological etc..

“Bieler’s Dilemma”: murder in the heart surgeon’s milieu – cobwebs and wasps’ nests. Suspenseful and intelligently knitted, more than a conventional detective novel about an almost perfect murder, also a fine psychological study with thought-provoking passages about law and justice, social un-states, all-too-human, that is, abysmal – smooth surface, worming hatred – bourgeois normality, often in sarcastic tones, and diabolical plan.

A remarkable “crime novel” debut.

Dr. Oliver Daschek

Bieler’s Dilemma: A courageous novel about law and justice and a novel that puts the art of language in the foreground, for at its core the text lives from the musicality of language, the special rhythm and sound, and the precision of expression. The characters of the novel are vividly portrayed, the plot psychologically comprehensible, and the philosophical reflections on the theme of justice, society, law, and justice of impressive depth.

A cleverly plotted story, ambiguous, exciting until the surprising finale. A thoroughly successful novel. Chapeau!